What is background remove?

Removing the background from a photograph can be a really tricky task, particularly if the subject you want to cut out has lots of hair, or if the background is exceedingly complex. Here, we take you through the process of removing a background from an image to help you overcome that challenge.

If you want to give your photos the perfect look, then photo editing is a must. One of the important aspects of editing photos is imparting a nice background to images. Background removal requires photo editing skills and patience. Eliminating the disturbing elements from the image and offering the background that makes them look exactly the way you want them to, is a job attributed to the experts. We have over 100 photo editors in Edit Picture Online, who are skilled in this genre of photo editing.


If you looking for quality background remove services in any quantity? Clipping Path Advance (CPA) think then you have found the right place for it. Clipping Path Advance (CPA) have more Photoshop experts, skilled workers, advisers all are here to help you! If you send your job we will confirm to you the best quality results! Outsourcing is a popular concept these days for such type of works which are not very complicated but needs a lot of time and manpower too. 

Who needs background remove services?

Companies or individuals who are involved in professional photography, photographic studios, magazine companies, advertising agencies, photographic studios, print press, graphic design companies, and web development, etc.

Regarding Price!


  • Normally we provide a quotation after reviewing the job as per client's instruction and we reply quotation within 1 hour or less. Also, we provide average pricing on a bulk volume of images. 
  • The price will depend on the image and work complexity. But don’t worry, if you are not sure about the actual cost, and we will get back within an hour at the most reasonable price.
  • Our price for clipping path starts at $ 0.29 USD only for each image. For stuff like dresses, accessories, the range might go around $ 0.99USD only, depending on the complexity.