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Image Color Correction Service

When it comes to photo color correction service, you can trust Clipping Path Advance (CPA) for color correction or re-coloring your images and giving it the desired shades and patterns. We offer color correction services that ensures your photos have the right tinge. We are capable of altering the output of your digital images and removing color casts so that your pictures can have a natural look. We consider the color tones, the shades, and the patterns before we offer color correction services that can give your photos fresh looks.

If you looking for photo color correction service in any quantity ? Clipping Path Advance (CPA) think then you have found the right place for it. Clipping Clipping Path Advance (CPA) have more Photoshop experts, skilled workers, advisers all are here to help you! If you send your job we will confirm to you best quality results! Outsourcing is a popular concept these days for such type of works which are not very complicated but needs a lot of time and manpower too. 

Our color correction service

  • Color Adjustment,
  • Providing Multiple Color Outputs for Product,
  • Exposure Adjustment,
  • Adjusting Color Tones,
  • Color Temperature and Tint Adjustment,
  • Highlight & Shadow Compensation,
  • Contrast and Saturation Correction,
  • Vibrancy and Clarity Adjustment,
  • Sharpness, Contrast and Density Correction,
  • Converting B&W images to Color image.

Regarding Price,

Normally we provide a quotation after review the job as per clients instruction and we reply quotation within 1 hour or less. Also, we provide average pricing on bulk volume of images.  Price will depend on the image and work complexity. But don’t worry, if you are not sure about the actual cost, and we will get back within an hour with the most reasonable price.

Our price for clipping path starts at $ 0.99 USD only for each image. For stuffs like dresses, accessories, the range might go around $ 2.29 USD only, depending on the complexity. See more our Price List..

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